Hermes PragueLink Projects 2000 will enable the City of Prague to organize and implement a competition for initiatives by local artists, designers, architects, and cultural and business managers to be presented during the European Commission's Cultural Capital of Europe 2000 programs, and in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Prague during the millennial year 2000.

PragueLink Projects 2000 initiatives will address these questions:

How can Prague's long history as a crossroads of European cultures be activated to improve the quality of life for all its citizens?

How can contemporary re-interpretations of the rich cultural heritage of Prague engage both its citizens and foreign visitors in shaping a city of the future which is open to creative interchange with the world at large?

How can creative uses of advanced information and communication technologies help revitalize Prague's tradition of dynamic exchange among cultures?

How can Prague's history of inter-cultural dialogue in turn help the new media advance the development of economically viable multi- cultural democracies throughout Europe and the world?

PragueLink Projects 2000 initiatives will help map the future development of Prague by re-articulating in contemporary terms the city's long history of cultural creativity and inter-cultural dialogue. Projects will also forge close and continuing working relationships among artists, cultural institutions, and businesses based in Prague, and with their counterparts in other nations. Projects in architecture, design, painting, sculpture, music, dance, theater, photography, film, video and new media -- and combinations of the various arts -- will respond to themes and forms developed by individual artists in such intensely creative periods as the reigns of Charles IV and Rudolf II, the turn of this century, and the First Czechoslovak Republic (1918- 38).

Projects will explore ways in which Prague artists can reactivate the city's cultural traditions to advance both their own experimentation with new forms and modes of presentation and the marketing, public relations and even product-design and -development needs of business operating in the Czech Republic.

Three initiatives will be selected for development and production by the City of Prague, local cultural institutions, and local businesses for presentation during the celebrations of the millennium.

PragueLink Projects 2000 will be structured to establish Prague as a leader among European cities in utilizing the new information and communication technologies to encourage all its citizens-- especially younger people -- to play an active role in shaping the future of their city.